WTS Arazu/Nemesis/Prospec/CovCyno/AF/Ceptors Pilot

Looking to downsize accounts and putting myself for sale.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Forreal00 pass 1234

Current SP 15,987,742 plus 70k spare

Major appeals (Galente based):

  • Covert Cyno
  • Nemesis
  • Arazu
  • Prospect
    -Assault frig

Looking for 20bil - standard CCP rules.
Will be in high-sec home station once a sale is confirmed.

Bump = open to fair offers.

8.0 bil

Fair offers please.

If you melt the character down, you end up around 9B. You should calibrate your “fair bid” against that. No character (unless really specialized i.e. Titan) goes for >1B isk per 1M SP

The pilot is focused. Force Recon and blops hunter.
Open to bids.

8bil offer

Bump - dropped to 13bil buyout

8.4b offer

8.5b offer

Bump = appreciate the offers.

Bump Still for Sale.

Bump - Still for sale and more SP to use.

8,5 bil :slight_smile:

Another Bump on the Road

10b offer

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