WTS AT Ships Firm Hard Price

Yes, I am finally selling my AT ship collection. And you know what? I have more reasons than you for selling them. First off, I only play 5D chess, you might think you have 4D, but I’m better. I’ve always known I am a genius and really smart. Let me tell you about my long term plan. Firmly gripping my goal to become a eve master I got in mushy anal cahoots with the most elite circle jerk sphincter jockeys in eve and began plugging all of my AT ships in a dark secluded hanger for the right time. All this time, I’ve been drenching these ships in MY smelly cock waffle (not yours). It’s been exhausting. Now, the hand which I control my space ship is RAW from jerking myself off. I’m out of latex gloves protecting my soft hands from my AIDs and I’m tired of it - this is how I know I’m elite. You might say I’m actually trash tier… yes I once lost a chremoas to a 20 mil comet, but no problem I have 5 more that I got for free bitches. In fact, sniperbros15 should consider himself lucky because I let him kill me. I wasn’t even trying and I figured by losing ill pump my own prices some more. Before I’m done stroking myself - I just wanted to splurge out there - since my personality is so dominant, I would like to be generous with you for the right prices for today only. I’m setting new prices for my AT ships (mine not yours). By the way, my micro penis is SUPER ROCK HARD on these slurpy prices which are only good for 24 HOURS. After which I will be increasing the prices. Don’t you dare try to lowball me, I’ll be offended and that will cost u extra in the long run.


Imp: 2.5T (best at ship in the game so I can ask whatever I want)
Moracha - 5T (über rare and I have one you don’t)
Raven State Issue: 20T (only gets more expensive the longer it sits in jita so buy now)
Cambion - 5T (extra waffle not included)
Whiptail - 800b (somebody bought one which doubles the price automatically)
Hydra - 2T (price adjusted for inflation, its 2020 peons)
Chremoas - 2T (adjusting price for my future feeds, less equals more)

As you should see, I know exactly what I want, fools. Did you really think I was being generous? HAH get dominated. All trolling will be considered a free bump.

Dark Mangi-na



  • price of a hydra and chrem and imp shouldnt be so close (-_-)

WTS HYDRA 200B , poor mans hydra sadly , made in china

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Man at these huge prices you’d have to grind a long, thick time.

How about 100T for everything

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@ Casper24 due to how much isk there is in the game and the fact that these are MINE, I only command the highest prices for everything. Any less is a disgrace to my respected name.

@ Ehyteb Jeff Fake news the hydra is worth 10 times that to the right buyer. your post is hog wash fake screenshot Illuminati

@ Dark Magni impostor

@ David Zeta I know you understand how many bots are in frat and stars of the moon… look at the total ratting bounties for cobalt, tenal and venal… these prices are thicc AND juicy for the botting overlords. Plus anyone who buys my ships will be forever honored that it used to be mine so it’s worth it!

@ Bruminon due to the excessive interest in this post and ultra mega rarity of these items ALL TOGETHER, I think this should be at least 150T. Take it over leave it you minion

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How about you buy my Moracha for 2.5T and double your money based on your valuation :ok_hand::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::roll_eyes:

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