WTS Base Dedicated Hauler Alt - Recent Character

Info Link: EveSkillboard - Hakatiz Prait Nahrnid

Docked in Amarr Hub.
Prorator (Amarr Blockade Runner) - Mastery III
Impel (Amarr Deep Space Transport) - Mastery III
Providence (Amarr Freighter) - Mastery III
Bowhead (ORE Freighter) - Mastery III

(Specilized pilot, which means shaved off all skills not used for her purpose, e.g. Gunnery)

Ask Price: 3,500,000,000 (3 b) ISK

Still have bonus remaps, already mapped for Spaceship Command skills.

Sold, give me a minute to change characters


Isk delivered O sent the account name in five minutes.

It was 3,5B but as I mistakenly put 3b in the parenthesis, will do.

i sent you the 0.5b in a minute.

extra isk and account name sent

Character Name: Hakatiz Prait Nahrnid

Will be completed after: 8/15/2021 6:05:46 PM

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