WTS Basic Indy/Tycoon V Alt 17m SP (9.5B B/O)

I am thinning out my alts, here are a few that I am looking to sell. No hurry so not looking to firesale them. All toons are without kill rights, positive wallet, located in Jita, seller pays transfer fee. All toons will acknowledge they are for sale in the thread.

Offers can be made on these forums or via PM to Destiny.

ISK MUST be sent to the character you are buying, after price is agreed!

Xystraka-Basic Production/Science, Cyno V, Blockade Runner, Trade with Tycoon V. 17.3m SP (9.5B Buyout)

Confirm-I am for sale

Confirm-I am for sale

Confirm-I am for sale

Confirm-I am for sale

Confirm-I am for sale

15bil offer for Zystraka

Too low for a buyout

20bil buyout for Zystraka

Accepted, send Isk to Zystraka and email me the account name to trasfer to.

isk and account info sent

Isk received, transfer in progress

let me know if still for sale?

Fyrax-Yes still available

ingame mail sent waiting answer

Reply sent

isk transfer done, eve mail sent with the details

Glorious Fusion in game mail o7

Still have 3 available

Get a new Indy toon today!