WTS Multiple Toons-Indy/Trade/PVP/PVE/JF

Thinning the herd some more, looking to sell the following characters. As per CCP Character Bazaar rules, all toons will comment in this thread to verify ownership and;

  1. Isk Positive
  2. No Kill Rights
  3. Located in Jita
  4. Seller Pays Transfer
  5. In NPC Corp

A) Fyrax-Good Indy Toon 6.1m SP

B) Xystraka-Good Indy and Trade Toon 16m SP

Send offers via this thread, pm’s may not be seen.

Confirmed-I am for sale

Confirmed-I am for sale

Confirmed-I am for sale

I can offer 35 for all 3.

Deogen - 30bil- Cash ready to go

Current offers are pathetic, looking for >40B for Deogen, >5B for Fyrax and >10B for Xystraka. Serious buyers only, all else will be ignored, ridiculed, or free bumps.

sin Alarma bid high, I would take that offer.

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Still available

Make offers today

So I will increase my offer to 34bil, but thats it. The toon has alot of wasted SP that will need to be extracted and reinvested to employ it. Consider this my final offer, and if it pleases you - I have the cash ready to go immediately.

I look forward to hearing back.

Accepted-Send Isk and Transfer account details to Deogen

isk sent.

Isk has been received, email me the account name you want Deogen transferred too.

mail sent. read both.

thanks so much, pleasure.

Both emails read, will send to second account named after 00:15 today.

Transfer for Deogen has begun!

and done. thanks

Still available

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