WTS Basic Pilot with 98% injected skill books 7.3 M sps - SOLD

THIS PILOT IS SOLD - subject to CCPs rules on Character Transfers.

WTS basic skills pilot 7,516,241 skill points as of 4-10-2018.
ALL skill books injected including ALL races of super-capital skill books EXCEPT: medium and large disintegrator specialisation and astronautic skill books.

Starting Bid 10Bil, Buyout 30Bil


Located in HS at Perimeter IX - Caldari Construction Production Plant.
Has 7 Jump Clones ALL in high sec. All fitted with Improved Attribute Enhancers…
4 fitted for Ice Mining,
2 fitted for rock bashing,
1 fitted for Amarr ship energy weapon PVE fit

Neural remap available now. +5.0 Security, No kill rights.
Standings: Sisters of Eve: 8.91, Mordus Legion: 5.46, Ammatar Mandate: 3.04, Minmatar Rep: 3.03, Caldari State: 2.84, Amarr Empire: 2.11, Gallente Federation: 0.11.
Usual CCP rules apply.

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8b offered

hi Abs …. its the same guy that sold Chadd !! LOL Nice to see you around …
Ok thanks, I will wait until Saturday and Sunday pass first and then we will see if your offer is the highest.

8.5b offered

10b b/o

Edit: I’ve got my eye on another character so this offer is good till 18:00 eve time.

Have I won this auction?

10.5 bil

11bi b/o

Hey Dexter, you have won the auction! Please send me your payment and account details in game so I can start the transfer.


Will do in 2 hours.

acknowledged … :wink:

ohhh yes, in two hours, I have to be in a meeting so - please send the details and I will proceed with the transfer when I get back. :+1:

The meeting I was supposed to be at has been cancelled so - I am ready when you are!


School finishes in 15 mins, Ill be home in 40.

Logging in now,isk will be sent before 16:00.

Isk and info sent from my isk alt.

Just to let you know I have just initiated transfer with CCP, hopefully all will go well.
If you have any concerns - please contact me as I will keep this thread going until you confirm actual transfer to your account.

Sale subject to CCP´s Transfer of Character rules.

One more thing …. I am paying the transfer with 1000 PLEX´s and, I believe, there will be no confirmation notification of transfer from CCP. That´s what happened last to another character I sold!

Just thought I would let you know ….

I bought a different character from this seller and I can confirm that this seller is legit and that everything went smoothly. I did not receive a transfer email for that character but it did appear on my account within a reasonable time after isk was sent. Glad you found a buyer for this toon.

Hi Abs, Why thank you very much for the kind words.
Because of your recommendation / I will be selling another one of my pilots in the near future.
I will send you an ingame message from this 3rd pilot I have.
Fly safe in the meantime. :sunglasses: