WTS BPO Collection

Greetings fellow pilots!

I am looking to sell my current BPO collection. All BPOs are 10/20 other than the Orca that is 8/16. Currently located in Amarr 8. Post or DM me any offers if interested. Please note, this is not a fire sale and I am not in a rush to sell, its that they are not in use and as such would like them to find a better home. I am willing to sell them single, multiple, or bulk as long as the price is right. Thank you for your time.

Update: As there have been several requests for pricing I have decided to make a formula to determine my sale price, so that a price that I will agree with can be obtained without asking. As Blueprint Contract pricing can range, I felt that this was the most efficient way at making a price point. So unless contracts are up for less (I will price match - See Below) the cost breakdown is as follows.

(Blueprint Buy Cost + Research) x 1.111 = Individual Sell Price:

  • This Gives me a 11.1% ROI
  • Discount For Bulk: 3.6% (Take Price and Multiply by .964)
  • Minimum 10 BPOs Purchased for Bulk Pricing.

Google Doc with prices: Eve Online BPO Sale - Google Sheets

*All prices can be rounded up to the nearest 250,000 for clean numbers.
*For Reference: I used Ashab - Tranquility Trade & Prod Center for research

I understand that my prices may be below or above existing contracts, however this gives me a solid return and I am willing to price match any Public Contract (that is not an obvious typo) started PRIOR to my starting of this thread.

Reserved for sale updates

Sale Completed: All Rig BPOs
Sale Completed: All Frig BPOs + All Under 5 Million

How much for that micro auxiliary?

Looking at the ones currently up looks like they are around 19-20 Million each. I would consider lower offers if they make sense and/or are being sold with other BPOs. If you would like to make an offer, I am happy to hear it.

Edit: As I have made the formula for making prices. Micro Aux would be available for 3.75 million

What would it cost for everything?

Please see Google Sheet/Doc that I have added to the OP for details. The total cost of all including discount for bulk would stand at 18,309,295,332 or if you prefer clean numbers: 18,309,500,000.

Contract me every frigate and everything 5m isk and under edit if you can move it to jita

To confirm, this would add up to 232,250,000 for the BPOs. Due to Jita’s distance from Amarr, I would have to charge a delivery fee. For 45 jumps, I would charge 11,250,000 to deliver it. (Math being 250,000,000 cargo /1,000 = 250,000 / jump). Total cost would be: 243,500,000. If you agree, let me know so I can get my hauler alt started.

Sure I’m assuming that’s with the bulk discount

That is with the bulk discount. Contract is now up (in Jita)

Accepted thanks

Several BPOs still for sale

Still open for business.

Still have many BPOs available for purchase

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