WTS BPO's , AT skins, faction fort and more

Every item is located in Jita 4-4.
Every sells will be done via contracts made by myself, no trade window scam shenanigan.
i check in-game mails more often than this post.

Faction fort :
‘Horizon’ fortizar - 130b

AT skin’s :
Blood raider victory skin (2x) - 25b each
Skybreaker victory skin (3x) - 1.5b each

Titan BPO :
Avatar 8/14 - 73b
Ragnarok 9/12 - 78,5b

Other BPO :
Rorqual BPO 10/20 - 6.5b
Apostle BPO 10/20 - 5b (SOLD)
Naglfar 10/18 - 6b
Revelation 10/18 - 8.5b
Raitaru 9/18 - 4.5b
PANIC module 10/20 - 1.1b

Apparel :
Odin Synthetic Eye (left/Gold) - 1,7b (SOLD)

Officer mods :
Thon’s Modified rapid heavy missile launcher - 4.5b
Thon’S modified multispectral ECM - 850m

Which Odin Synthetic Eye is it? (Slot/Color)

oops , thanks sir. Left/Gold

I’ll take the revelation for 8b to Fraternity Panda Investment


1.5B offer for that eye

Contract up


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