WTS: C1 with Archon and Rorqual hulls, hisec static

(Pertti Perusheppu) #1

Selling J104439, a C1 with hisec static. Also, Rorqual and Archon hulls in it are included, asking just 2b in total!

System has decent PI opportunities, but POCOs are unfortunately not transferrable.
-2x Storm planet
-1x Barren
-1x Ice
-3x Gas

Selling this in a hurry, please let me know if you are interested before Thursday!

Sale over now.

(Taco InABag) #2

I am interested but Looks like the caps and Wh for sale is the result of an eviction… what is the prevent the buyer from suffering the same fate?

(Pertti Perusheppu) #3

Our corp does merc work, so we would lose our business if we’d scam you by evicting you after you have settled in the hole we sold.

Here’s the thread about our merc services:


(Pertti Perusheppu) #4

Still for sale!

(Rage Hacker) #5

Still available?