I am selling our previous home in WH space. It is well equipped and is a CASH COW. The high sec static allows you to bring your goods to market easily and the anomalies, moons and planets within are a consistent yet diverse way of making Isk.

Space Class: C3
Statics: 1 High Sec

Buildings and fits:

  • Astrahus - Defensive Fit
  • Raitaru - BP + Manufacture
    Enough fuel for 1 month of both upwelll included.

Ships: Impel + 2 Buzzards
Planets: 2 Barren, 3 Temperate, 2 Gas, 1 Storm (POCO)
Effects: None
A couple dozen moons that we never chose to mine but certainly are Isk makers.

Bidding will start at 3bil and will close Feb 10.
50% downpayment will give access to the hole and 25% thereafter for building upwelll transfers. POCO + ships to be transfered after complete payment.



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