WTS C3 WH With Low Sec Static

Selling a C3 No Effect WH with a U210 Static. The system includes an Astrahus with cloning, Three Athanors all with tech 1 stability rigs and one of them also has refining with a tech 1 refining rig. There is also an Azbel with manufacturing and capital manufacturing. All stations are fully fit.

The ore mixes on the Athanor moons are as follows, a full survey of all moons is available on request.

|Coesite| 0.110814333|
|Dazzling Spodumain |0.557204843|
|Sparkling Plagioclase| 0.331980824|

|Brilliant Gneiss| 0.470732331|
|Coesite| 0.180190533|
|Pellucid Crokite| 0.349077165|

|Dazzling Spodumain|0.61375612|
|Pellucid Crokite|0.288746655|

There are several dead pos and abandoned POCOs, there is one live large pos that is running by us that will be handed over with the system. Lava/Barren/Storm/Storm/Oceanic/Gas/Gas/Barren/Barren planets.

The system will come with a slate of ships and items including a tech I fit rorq (no excavators), a providence and a slate of capital parts etc. Contact in game for exact details.

15 Billion or best offer.

Get your ready to go WH

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