WTS C3 Wormhole

J164104 C3

HS static
NO effect
58AU Radius
8POCOs not mine
Can make all products with perfect PI

We will transfer the force field deployed to Caldari Control Tower Small.

Selling for 3.5B.

Contact: mail seirasann ingame

The process flow of the transaction is as follows: first we will transfer the POS for 50% of the fee. Then we will give you the WH entrance for the rest of the fee

Selling for 2.5B.

I just learned that the POS cannot be transferred.
Change the transaction flow. We will first remove the POS for a 50% fee.
The remaining 50% of the fee will tell you the location of the hole.

Selling for 2B.

Selling for 1.5B

I’ll give you 1m?

C3 with a HS static? That’s a clit hole, every c*nt has one.

Selling for 1B

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