WTS C4 -> C3\4 Black Hole. Great for industry

Selling a BH C4 with C3\C4 statics. Pretty quiet place, somewhat decent connectivity, and it has great planets with all customs installed. Have every P0 in the system so anything you can dream up, you can build. Great start for a small-med size industry corp.

System itself is pretty much free, the only thing I’d want is something close to market value for citadels and their fit (Astra and Raitaru with rigs, Combat and T3 production).

Both citadels are fully fitted, with loads of fighters,ammo and all production services installled. EZ move in and start your factory.

Price is negotiable, want to start from nice and round 5B
There’s also some stuff left like rollers and extra unused citadel fit, might throw it in as well
Will be valid for a couple of months, then Ill just eat the a couple of bils of loss on the rigs and tear it down.

I’m interested. Can you talk more about planets, penalties, etc.?

Sure. System is Black hole as mentioned (missile and speed bonus, agility penalty)

Barren x4
Storm x2
Gas x2

what else are you interested in? If you wish, we can continue on discord

thats good. where should I connect the discord

sent you an in-game mail with my discord handle


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