WTS C4 w/ C3/C5 Static

Astra/Athanor online & cored. POCOs on every planet.

10B can go thru trusted Proxy. DM/Msg in-game if interested.

effect and system size?

No Effect and 67.5 AU between farthest planets.

Worth noting it has the ability to produce all p4’s in one system

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I am interested. Sending a mail.

Just saw it. Apologies, was out of town. replying in-game.

bump. Still Available.

I am interested. Sent an im game mail the other day but will ping you again later when i can get on

Replied in-game


It’s trivial to find the jcode, you may as well just post it in the OP

Are you taking the structure fits and just offering the rigs or are those included in the cost of the hole