WTS C5-5 Pulsar

Selling 5-5 Pulsar with a Fort.

12b opening bid. Will be using a vetted third party for transaction. Includes rolling carrier.

Mail sent in-game.

Interested. Any caps for sale aside from the carrier? Also please provide the jsig.

The only capital for sale is the rolling carrier. J-sig is provided in in-game mail. Current bid is 12b. If in 24 hours there are no higher ones the sale will be closed.

mail received.

how will the transfer be conducted?

The transfer will be conducted using a reputable third party that both parties agree to. The ISK will be given to the third party, then the buyer will be scanned in and given the Fortizar. Once both buyer & seller both tell the third party that the transfer has been conducted (screenshots with fort owner & Eve time can be used in a potential dispute) the ISK will be transferred to the seller.

okay I offer 12.5B

do you have a third party person that youre thinking of using or someone you recommend

I’ve used Johnny Splunk from Eve-Scout in the past for WH transfers. If possible I’d like to use him, but I’m not going to try and contact until after a deal is reached. If that doesn’t pan out then we’ll find another 3rd party. Again, after 24 hours from most recent bid the sale will close.


Nope no additional offers, so sale closed. Your offer of 12.5b is accepted. I’ll mail you in-game and we can go from there.

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