WTS C6 w/ caps

3 krab fit Naglfars, 1 barebone suitcase rorq, 3 DSTs, rolling mega, cyno arazu, scanning helios + random useful stuff, refits

No structures, it’s a shattered - anoms usually vary between 15b to 50b+ in value, unless you farm 24/7 you’ll never be able to beat the spawnrate. I move through shattereds sometimes so I have caps in almost every one of them - if you decide to move later on, let me know.

You’ll need 3 Naglfar chars, 1 rorq char, scanner/dst/mega pilot.
Assets on their own are ~15b.

Asking 20b. Third party will be Norn if he has time.


Current site amount… bump.

bump :slight_smile:

So you need 3 Dread + 1 Rorq toon.
How many additional toons do you normally use for scaning and rolling?

I use one character for scanning and DST - it can also roll holes but I have a low SP char on another account that just sits in a mega the entire time so I can scout it with the scanner.




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