WTS Caedes AT frigate 140B

x1 Caedes 140B
Instant lock after de-cloak bonus
5 second re-cloak wait bonus
Covert ops capable (cloaked warping)
Blood raider nos drain bonus
Web, turret and nos range bonus
High DPS

With abyssal modules you can de-cloak, point and web up to 45km…

All offers on thread please.



Nosferatu mutaplasmids are coming out, get ready for Caedes to become the most powerful AT frigate by far.

Best of the best brav… decloak and then smash it and dash it bravs… only way to fly!

60b cash in hand

98b ISK rdy

It’s not worth more then 110b


does it come with a solid abyssal fit?

Greetings capsuleer,

140B for a repackaged hull, i wont decrease this it goes up at some point in the future when another dies - but they never die as they are virtually cancer invincible my good friend

I recently got one for about 105b. Seeing 140b I was contemplating splurging on another if it had a SICK abyssal fit.

Have patience friend, you’ll eventually get your 140b =)


105B isk

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