WTS Caldari Pilot with Gall X-skills 53m SP

For sale is a well specced Caldiri character with a good name.

Has Gallente skills also to fly the hybrids. 4 days (as I type) from training large hybrid guns.

Positive sec status, with positive wallet and no kill rights against him. Will come with no assets, 1 isk and located in Jita.

Bid starts at 30B and I will pay for transfer of course. Any questions please ask. Would prefer a quick sale within 48 hours.


45b for Panzer General.

Why is there another link to Linecher43 ?

45.5 bil

46 bill

46.5 bil

47 bill

48 bil

@clone unit one

Sold for 48bn, please let me know if you still wish to proceed.


Payment and info sent as an in-game mail to Panzer General. Please reply to in-game mail, if possible, with transfer timing. Thank you.


Cheers, will start transfer when I get home from work in about 9 hours, sorry got stuck on double shift :frowning:

Transfer Started! Have fun with him! :slight_smile:

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