WTS Cambion

(Model 2418B) #41

Unfortunately, I’m withdrawing my offer because the ship is not in Jita, as I expected.

(Agent NX) #42

Chremoas 240 bil Achura Deteis
Chameleon Sold to private buyer with undisclosed amount. Second Chameleon available. 240 bil Achura Deteis
Malice bids withdrawn

(Taraas Enko) #43

220 on the Chremoas if that offer falls through considering it was 20+ days ago

(Dark Magni) #44

Malice 182

By the way given that its likely CCP, starting with the Hydra, are not creating massively OP prize frigates any longer, isnt it fair to say that the Chremoas is worth a few more hundred billions now?

We will never see its like again boiz. I wouldnt sell mine even for 400B liquid.

(Davak Kateelo) #45

Lol @Dark_Magni try to shill harder; you’re barely even trying.

(Taraas Enko) #46

Judging by the fact no one can even get 250 for theirs i’d say your wrong my friend

(Snedige Rekel) #47

475 for chremoas and chameleon

(Kurvorao) #48

Agent I will take the malice and the chameleon for 400b will take me a week but I will buy them both for that

(Zahara Cody) #49

Will somebody buy something?

(Donald Gump) #50

buy my skins

(Zahara Cody) #51

I only pay nes retirement prices

(Agent NX) #52

Chremoas 240 bil Achura Deteis
Chameleon 240 bil Achura Deteis
Malice contracted to Dark Magni for 182 bil

Other bids noted and buyers will be contacted if I decide to accept

(Kurvorao) #53

Chameleon 250 I got that much I’m out of town right now so will be able to accepted in 3 days

(Kurvorao) #54

Check mail on BUNIE and contract

(Agent NX) #55

Chremoas 240 bil Achura Deteis
Chameleon Contract out to BUNIE
Malice offer withdrawn, back for sale

(Mii Lady) #56

You shouldnt sell chameleons under 350. they are more rare than Fiends and now the fiends ab hack has been fixed they are the most powerful AT cruiser. Even with the ecm nerf they do 150k ehp tanks and 1000dps.

(Davak Kateelo) #57

Chameleons are pretty much universally regarded as being absolute trash on TQ. They go at max speed (pimped mwd; agency III overclock, etc) like 1200-1400 m/s; the fitting is too tight; and you have to cram ECM/Tank/Utility mods into your mids.

It’s a phenomenal set piece for an AT ECM comp, and I would still definitely love to own one; but they are faaaaaaaaaaaaar from being the most powerful AT cruiser. They are basically used to whore on kills from 100km away using officer jams whilst accompanying a gang. The fiend has a lot more value because its in higher demand, mainly due to the fact that its a great solo ship on TQ.

(Angelina Smart) #58

I tend to agree with what Davak says. I think with the ECM nerf even Vangels can outperform Chameleon.

(Mii Lady) #59

well maybe the chameleon is not the best but one things for sure. the Fiends nerf will make it far from what it currently is.

(Davak Kateelo) #60

uh oh @Mii_Lady what makes you say the fiend is getting nerfed? Are you referring the to the fixing of the 500MN HIC in the patch? Did a lot of people tend to fly 500mn fiends lol???