WTS Cambion

(Agent NX) #81

Ships are still available

(Agent NX) #82

Ships are still available

(Dirty Camper) #83

Wrote you ingame

(Agent NX) #84

Ships are still available

(Izzie Alexis) #85

Chremoas 250b to me please.

(Model 2418B) #86

200b for the Malice if you’ll move it to Jita.

(Izzie Alexis) #87

Thanks for doing business, Chremoas contract accepted.

(Agent NX) #88

Chremoas and Malice sold

Cambion remains unsold!

(ProjectPhoenix) #89

175B for cambion

(Agent NX) #90

Hello Phoenix

Thank you for your offer. However I am looking for a bigger offer for the Cambion before I am ready to sell, thank you!

(Agent NX) #91

Still looking for a buyer!

(Agent NX) #92

Cambion still for sale!

(Agent NX) #93

Still available

(system) closed #94

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