WTS Capitals - Legacy Nyx - Chimeras, Phoenixs, Thanatos, More!


  • Chimera x 2
  • Thanatos x 2
  • Archon
  • Ark JF
  • Naglfar (Fitted T1/T2 mix)
  • Chimera (Fitted T1/T2 mix)
  • Marshal (Highsec near Amarr)

Reply with offer or in game mail to Atrianna Shalla. All housed in common areas of low sec in well known trading ports!

How much are you looking to get for the Nyx?

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Nyx sold to you :slight_smile:

Still have:

Chimer, Phoenix, Thaanatos, Archon, Ark, Rhea, Bowhead, Obelisk, Ninazu, Minokawa, Revelation, Rorqual, Apostle.

Hi interested in the Ark please.

Edit: Happy to discuss specifics I’ve sent you a message ingame with my Discord tag.

EVE Mailed

Interested in the thanny. pm sent in game, will also mail

How much for both chimeras ?

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