WTS Chameleon

Jita 4-4
500b or trade for Victor/Moracha

ecm has been nerfed to ■■■■, can give you a caedes in exchange but you wont be getting a vic/racha for it

TBH I love just having my chameleon, unless you wanna add 300b to the caedes i’m gonna pass

ECM nerf has little effect on it, the ships still got a massive tank and huge dps and warps cloaked.
The other fact is unless i am mistaken more chameleons have died than any other tourney cruiser.

Lets see… point one, the ecm nerf not affecting it… Ever tried to fit the thing for tank while also being faster than a battleship?

For the other “fact”, might want to look into this one ship, its called an etana

Offering 260

300b offer

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