WTS Characters 56M + 61M Rorq/FAX/JF/Trans Rag/Subcaps

Character A
HG Crystal Implants

Character B
Ragnarok (without DD)/Recon Ship/Command Ship/Heavy Interdiction/Shield Command/Vargur/Crane and else…
HG Nirvana Implants

NPC corp
Wallet positive
No kill rights
Located in Jita
I will pay transfer fee

Character A have 1 jump clone in 1DQ1-A - 1-st Imperial Palace

60 bil for both characters.

Character A 35B

Both character 75B

Character A 36B

Sir, you wanna get all? How about adding some money, 78B?
4B implants will be yours! And the skillbooks are also worth a lot, especially Minmatar Titan, it’s 6B in market!

Agree, 78B, I’m outside now, I can transfer ISK 5 hours later. Which account you to accept ISK?

ExHentai Forever
And dont forget to send the target account via ingame mail :stuck_out_tongue:
It might take 16 hours for me to start transferring after I receive the ISK

ISK sent to you, please start the transfer ASAP!

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