WTS Erebus - Aunenen Keepstar - 66.75b

Erebus with T2 rigs, cap fit, stront and isotopes.


bump, and price drop 1b.

65b cash in hand

Bit low, but appreciate the offer.

67.5b takes it!



up. 67b!

upity up

send it up @ 66.75

back to the top i suppose

still here!


my offer is still good

Sounds like you have a deal. Let me know to whom i need to set the contract if other than you.

No word so still up for sale.

Cap recharge fit + 367k isotopes, 7k stront, portal, MWD, and a cyno ship (5k LO)


still for sale? if so contract to me for 65b

sold at 70b on contracts with a couple mods added in. Thanks to everyone for looking.

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