WTS Erebus - Aunenen Keepstar - 66.75b

(Hylon De'Sant) #1

Erebus with T2 rigs, cap fit, stront and isotopes.


(Hylon De'Sant) #2

bump, and price drop 1b.

(Eve Scout Explorer) #3

65b cash in hand

(Hylon De'Sant) #4

Bit low, but appreciate the offer.

(Hylon De'Sant) #5

67.5b takes it!

(Hylon De'Sant) #6


(Hylon De'Sant) #7


(Hylon De'Sant) #8

up. 67b!

(Hylon De'Sant) #9

upity up

(Hylon De'Sant) #10

send it up @ 66.75

(Hylon De'Sant) #11

back to the top i suppose

(Hylon De'Sant) #12

still here!

(Hylon De'Sant) #13


(Eve Scout Explorer) #14

my offer is still good

(Hylon De'Sant) #15

Sounds like you have a deal. Let me know to whom i need to set the contract if other than you.

(Hylon De'Sant) #16

No word so still up for sale.

Cap recharge fit + 367k isotopes, 7k stront, portal, MWD, and a cyno ship (5k LO)


(jenna is adumbkrab) #17

still for sale? if so contract to me for 65b

(Hylon De'Sant) #18

sold at 70b on contracts with a couple mods added in. Thanks to everyone for looking.

(system) #19

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