WTS Erebus/Moros/Kronos Pilot 39m SP

WTS dedicated Erebus/Moros/Kronos character, in jita and will be in NPC corp soon(just left). no kill rights. 5.0sec status, 1 bonus remap left, next in Dec 22

including HG Amulet titan pod.

Opening bid: 40bn
Buy out: 60bn

I cover transfer fee.

bump to the top!

Bump open to offers.

Daily bump! Good little Titan pilot this!

25b for 1 day

Thanks for the offer but a bit too low. Especially given the skill books and pod.

Bump will take 35bn


30b Isk ready

32bn and you have a deal

Sorry brother.30b is my highest offer

Ok deal. Send isk and account name in eve mail please and I’ll initiate the transfer in the next few hours. Thanks

thanks isk and mail send

Isk recieved. Transfer initiated. Thanks

character received.thank you

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