WTS focused erebus/moros/hel pilot 79msp (ascendencies/amuletpods)

WTS ME erebus/dread/hel alt 2012 character
location jita
jc location jita
home jita
npc corp
midgrade ascendency pod
high grade amulet pod with hull upgrades 6
pos wallet
no killrights

79m sp

hit me with offers

The link to skillboard is not working, it might be set to private, please check.

I can offer 35b.

40 B offer

should be working now.
looking for more, thanks for interest

41 bil

no thanks, bump




looking for 50



I offer 50B

accepted. send isk and account name

Will sort and send this evening

sounds good

Isk and mail sent

transfer initiated! SOLD thank you

God Bless. Thanks! Well let you know when its complete.

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