WTS Exhumer 5 - Cyno 5 8.2m SP character

Looking to sell this character 8.2m SP
Exhumer 5
Cynosural 5 can make COV cynos
Full set of +3 implants fitted
Start bid 4.5b
Wallet: 2 million isk
Kill rights: None
Remap available 1
Location: Torrinos 0.5 npc station
Security Status: Positive

Skills Character Sheet)

4.5b offer

Thx for the offer but waiting for a better offer.

okey can do 5b but no mining upgrade so will not go higher

accepted your offer 5b plz send isk and account name so i can start the transfer thanks.

Isk and Account info sent

ok i have isk i have started the transfer 10 hours ok thanks,

character Received

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