WTS - Exhumer Mining Alt with 7Mill+ SP

WTS Harriet Myer - Exhumer Mining Alt with 7Mill + SP.


Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
No Kill Rights
Character in Jita
I pay for the transfer fee via isk

All rules apply.

Starting bid - 6.5Bill
Buyout bid - 8.5Bill

On payment pay to Harriet Myer in-game character pls

6.5b to start

Let`s do this for 6.5B… Send isk to Harriet Myer please.

sending isk

isk and account info sent

Thank you - isk received and placing support ticket for transfer

support ticket??

Support Request #805718

not sure why you have a support ticket? you just pay the plex or the $$ and send the toon over. Its all done in the account management screen

OK, let me have another look - I asked support to transfer the account - first time i am doing this

no problem, you go into account management then under services and pay the fee it will ask you for the account that your sending the toon to then 10hrs later its done.

ok, how do i pay the 2 billion isk, I only see a money option

you need to have the plex on the account and then it will let you select that option.

you cant. you used to be able to do it in account mgmt with plex but they broke it with new plex, promised a fix,a nd never delivered (shocker i know). ticket is correct. yall gotta be patient now

oh news to me, thank you for in info.

When i did my research before placing this char on sale I also gathered the same… that the transfer must be done via a support ticket.

humm then im in the wrong, but then again i usually pay with cash lol.

NP, I am going to bed now - so will check back in a few hours to see that everything is still ok and that support have notified you of pending transfer

sounds good have a good night

you too o7