WTS Faction Fitted Minokawa in Avaux -4b

Unless it’s changed highsec capitals are not supposed to be sold or trade hands.

Created a ticket to clarify this

A capital ship restricted (under normal game mechanics) to 0.4 space or lower may never change ownership under any circumstance, willfully or not, while in high-security space (0.5 security systems and above).

Meaning you can’t sell it

that’s what it says.

Minokawa was moved to Avaux so it is available

Why would you move a legacy ship like that…


Decided to quit Eve after almost 12 years. So i don`t need it anymore. Besides, this is not truly legacy ship - i just happened to be logged off on a structure in nullsec and woke up in cistuvaert still in the ship:)

Ah but it is a legacy ship, as capitals are not allowed in Highsec. What you should’ve done is traded it under the radar.

As transferring capitals to another owner is prohibited then i had to give away whole account

Nah, that’s the whole point of trading under the radar. Do it so it doesn’t cause you to transfer your account

anyway, the ship is in lowsec now and still available. Bump!

If you leave the game after 12 years, curious why are you selling? I would give it your best bud in the game or something of that nature. I do a lot of work in and around Avaux, do you have anything else for sale that you have collected for 12 years?



all of my buds already left:) except this mino i have only faction/t2 fitted rattlesnake in irmalin:) For sale as well.

Tempting but Irmalin is, unfortunately, asset safety heaven and almost always camped. Good for contract fire sales if you don’t mind the risk.

I wish you the best of luck out there. Don’t delete the account, maybe you install and come back one day.



Shoot me a mail ingame with the fit I might be interested in buying it

i linked the fit in first message. or u mean rattle fit?

2b offer

The rattlesnake