Wts faction fortizars in jita 4-4

rare at-ship tier station “reward” handouts etc etc etc

skill urself has a shitload for sale, bout 40 total

current stock in jita:

6 yellow
6 red - including the one that crashed the game for 4 hours today
1 blue!
1 green

have others in lowsec, won’t move too many to jita as its xXxRiSkYxXx

Mail me or post here with offers
Lowballers will be reported and entered into the skill urself book of grudges.

-1 blue
-1 red
-1 red & 1 yellow
-1 red

  • a bunch arrived


screenshot of the first jf load arriving, so you know its legit

for a rough idea of our total stock, take a look at dotlan and you’ll see we have a fairly large number of reds and yellows, but the other ones i expect to go fast. and once they’re gone – they’re gone!

sold the only blue one we had in jita, more on the way though there seems to be pretty huge demand for them. expect to pay a lot

15 bil for a minmater one. Contract it to me.

reported and blocked, please don’t troll in the marketplace


skill urself stations are the best stations to purchase. Did you know that they’re the ones who caused the TQ crash? That means their stations are extra powerful

haha thanks, and thanks for the easy sale of the blue one

What’s the price range for a Draccous Fort?

upwards of 60 right now, will probably come down in a few days as more alliances bring them to market

buy my wares

new shipment arrived :sun_with_face:

interested in a green, maybe blue, happy to pick them up outside of jita pending where they are and pricing.

most recent blue sold for 60b, green is similar rarity. i can do both for 115b

edit: these will be in lowsec, i can mail you the exact location once they arrive

as you guys can probably see from market history, 80b is what they go for there

mine are CHEAP! contact me here or discord for more info

are trades for at ships possible or you accept only isk atm?

mail me what you have and we can maybe work something out

have another blue one

prices for the blue and green ones?



lots of red and yellow still for sale, one each of blue and green and two special seeded stations available