WTS FAX alt, 79m SP

WTS my dedicated FAX and links alt.

  • Min/Amarr/Caldari carrier all V
  • Can mindlink all links and has Min/Amarr/Cal BC V
  • Great jump skills
  • Can fly a Nomad with decent skills
  • Excellent Nestor skills (both BS V)

Comes with a mid-grade rapture pod.

Min bid 48b.

Positive wallet, NPC corp, no kill rights, char and all clones located in Jita 4-4.

46 billions

47b and it’s yours, can initiate transfer today. If you agree just confirm here and send ISK and account to this character in game.

I agree to the 47b. isk and account info sent. please start the transfer process.

BTW, how come the skillboard says it’s only 77.7mil SP and you claimed it to be 79mil SP?

Received, will initiate now. Not sure why skillboard is lagging behind the game that much but it is accurate.


Transfers been initiated. Thanks!

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