WTS Female PI Interceptor Cover Scanning 5.2m

(Major Omen) #1

Hi, selling this:


Caldari Frigate V
Covert Opss IV
CyberNetics V
Evasive Manuvering V
All important scanning to 4 ( learning the last )
Planetary Interactions to IV, then 5 planets

+5 implants and some nice for exploration

Can Use a mning Barge too

Is in high sec, positive wallet, no kill rights, all ccp rules apply.

I am not reading evemail, answer here.

(Myyra Solara) #2

4.8 bil

(Major Omen) #3

Offer accepted, send me the isk and the Account name. Please answer the thread and enter in the character to transfer.

(Myyra Solara) #4

Sorry - went offline for a good while there - sending isk and account info now.

(Myyra Solara) #5

arg - just need a few more minutes to move plex around - almost there

(Myyra Solara) #6

I’m all set with isk and account slot - but to be safe after the long wait - will await confirmation that offer is still accepted and char ready.

Thank you.

(Major Omen) #7

I am here and ready, offer accepted, send isk and account name.

(Myyra Solara) #8

I noticed that the account I asked Major Omen to be transferred to has all three slots full … if still possible, please use same account name but replace the ‘4’ with a ‘5’ - thank you.

(Major Omen) #9

Transfer was done one moment ago, to the account with 5

(Myyra Solara) #10

perfect - ty again - much appreciated

(Myyra Solara) #11

Char Transfer completed successfully - thread can be locked

(system) #12

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