WTS Focused Hunter/Triglavian pilot

Hello, I’m looking to sell myself, I am a very Focused Trig pilot, I have most, and I’m training for Naglfars at the moment. Starting bid will be 40 Billion Isk, I’ll be in an NPC soon, as I am moving my JC from Legacy space, which is a HG snake set. My eveskillboard can be found here: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Wez_Nightrider

Update: HG Snake Clone is in High sec, and I am now in an NPC corp

Still for sale

Still for sale, starting bid has been lowered to 30 bill


33 bil

34 bil

35 bil

42 Bil buyout offer

Thank you, if no one gets higher within 8 hours, I will accept your bid of 42 Bill

43B Isk ready right now

45 billion

45 Billion is the highest bid, you will win this bid in 4 hours if there are no other bids.

46B isk last offer ready to send right now ok?

offer of 46 billion is accepted, awaiting, isk and account name.

last person has not responded since, I am still free to purchase, if you want Ovi Aivo

I will stick with my offer of 45 billion. At work currently but can transfer within 6- 7 hours.

ready if you accept , I will send isk and account name

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