WTS Fortizar, Officer Mods, Rarities

Hello fellow capsuleers,

I want to sell off some items, some I found hanging around in my hangar for years, some recently produced or otherwise aquired.
Unless statet otherwise, all items are locatet in Jita 4-4 Caldari Assembly Plant (tradehub).

The offered items, updated List:

  • Chelm’s Modified Large Armor Repairer: 2.5b, best price, 300m below Jita-price

  • Mizuro’s Modified Heavy Warp Scrambler: 4.6b, best price, 250m below Jita-price

  • Brokara’s Modified Large Armor Repairer: 340m, best price on market

  • 1* Interbus Shuttle: 1000m, best price on market

  • 5* Zephyr: 82m, best price on market

- Fortizar (Citadel): 8.8b ISK, best price on market, 500m below Jita-price!

To get in touch pls let me know here which items you’d like to buy or send me an evemail ingame. I’ll set up a private contract with 24h expiry.

Please be a little patient nd give me time to reply and pls dont try to convo this character as it’s just a my little alternate character, happy to provide you with good offers on the forums :slight_smile:

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800m for 1 shuttle. Pls contract if you can do

Contract up - and taken right away - thanks for your purchase.

I’ve updated my offers, all listet items are still for sale, prices are all up to date.
Come, purchase, be happy!

This is todays cleaning of the store window. Offers all checked and valid.

cleaning the store window, updating offers

I’ve added new wares, took off stuff that’s sold and updated all the prices.
Buy and enjoy!

All items added/deleted to match availability - CHECK
All offers up to date - CHECK
All prices up to date - CHECK

Buy and enjoy! :slight_smile:

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