WTS Gold Magnate [SOLD]

Bids warp up in about 4 hours from now in case you didn’t catch the edit in the main post.

So all the same, have you agreed with the owner of 1kk plexs or are you selling for isk?

I fear I’ve killed off any serious competition for this, but it’s such a nice round number.


I didn’t know anybody even had that much money.

Bidding is now over, contract for 1,001,001 plex is going up.


So many T shirts…

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wow <3

How Darklight became Goodlight - This is an awesome way to “win EVE” and pass along a trophy.

Illectroculus, newly Defined - same to you :slight_smile:

Even though only one player is technically making an awesome donation that has put an exclamation point on this Plex for Good campaign, it feels like two are.

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I urge everyone who wanted to buy a ship, but could not, donate at least part of the isk to Plex For Good.
Show everyone how unique the EVE community is. :slightly_smiling_face:


It is a private contract per your Twitter concern, wasn’t ever public

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Well I’ll make it happen asap. Twitter concern was a joke, suggesting there might be competition :slight_smile:



Plex has been contracted


Confirming that CCP PLEX for GOOD has accepted a contract from Kelon Darklight for 1,001,001 PLEX. :+1:

Awesome stuff, guys. Thanks so much! :grinning::australia:


Now put those plex in cargohold and fly safe to Jita

It was cool watching EVE history unfold here. Congrats to Kelon for winning EVE

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as an Aussie i am (almost) speechless at the size of this donation and would like to extend my thanks to all involved … it makes my donation seem pitiful in comparison

Kelon Darklight
Illectroculus Defined
You gentlemen are true heroes … you have my respect



Reading this thread after hearing about it and seeing how casual Scott bid 1 million PLEX is f***ing legendary.

Well played on the auction and great cause.

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Absolutely incredible to see folks who are able to do something like this, step up and make it happen.
Thank you Scott and Kelon for your awe inspiring generosity.
There are some truly great people in the EvE community.

I would also like to thank you both for proving that the Gold Magnate (The fastest possible ship in EvE) was in fact not extinct.


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For all the infamous stories of betrayal and stealing in EvE im glad to see something like this happen, something that contributes to more than just moved pixels.

Hats off to both Kelon and Scott for contributing to this.

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Honorable mention and appreciation for your purchase and donation Scott Manley /@Illectroculus_Defined

Also congratulations on 1 million subscribers on your YOUTUBE channel I noticed watching your Video announcing your decision and effort.

I would have expected some to quickly offer the 1 trillion the OP asked for but you went both above and beyond to show your love for this game and it’s community with the mutual effort through PLEX FOR GOOD to help victims and the people of Australia suffering and struggling together against the destruction of bushfires.

Can’t forget to give notice mentioning as well but I think this gives you the new record for most expensive purchase of a ship in Eve online! Another achievement for your history with this game. You should frame a photo or get a model of that Gold Magnate for your shelf.

I will hope to one day follow this example on my way out from this game as it ends either for myself or in it’s time.

I feel bad for not mentioning as well that although it was @Illectroculus_Defined who staked the PLEX and cost for the Gold Magnate at three times the asking amount that he purchased it while knowing the proceeds would go to PLEX FOR GOOD. It is @Kelon_Darklight who deserves credit as well for selling his Gold Magnate and deciding he would donate all proceeds to PLEX FOR GOOD in the first place.

Well done!