WTS Great character Great name 34mil SP. JF's caps Nyx and sub caps

Here we go then,

Arfur Mo is the name so, take Arfur Mo to look at his skills here

:boom: 34 mil SP
:boom: Full set of Nomads plugged in. Here
:boom: Flys jump Freighters.
:boom: Thanatos.
:boom: Nyx.
:boom: Can mine to make money.
:boom: Uses many sub caps for PVP.

:boom: Has lots of skills plugged in so no need to buy for a while

:star_struck: In Jita 4+4 Hi-Sec
:star_struck: In NPC corp
:star_struck: No kill rights
:star_struck: All CCP rules apply
:star_struck: Isk to this character
:star_struck: I pay transfer with card so will be an immediate transfer no waiting. :star_struck:

Start me off where you see him.
B/O 32 bil

Let me start this trade
I offer 32b!!

33b good sir!

Thanks for the offers but a little more and I am yours…

Doctor Niubility

It’s yours because no reply from last posted

Send isk and account details to this character please

All too late now “Sold to Maizie Fields, terms agreed upon in game” awaiting isk and account details

Confirming the purchase, sending ISK and account details now…

Isk and account received and thank you for the most amazingly fast deal…

Transfer paid and initiated.


Transfer confirmed, thanks Arfur! ;=)

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