[WTS] Great Starter Toon 5.3M Corp Management , Blockade Runner , Trade , Resource Processing , Industry , Battleship


Great Well Rounded Skilled Character To Do Many Activities.
10M isk Wallet Balance

32 Ship Skins

No Kill Rights

2 Jump Clones
Alikara VII - Moon 1 - Chief Executive Panel Bureau
New Caldari - Yeti Creations - EVE-Mogul

Located in 0.5 Hi Sec Vuorrassi

Alpha Status ATM Was Omega.

Price Negotiable For Good Lads

Auction Starting Price 5B Isk

Buy it now for 6B ISK!

Price Is Negotiable

Daily Bump Highest offer 3.5b atm willing to sell for 5b Right now


Highest Offer is 3.7B Still waiting for A Higher offer will give a few days if none then sold.

BUMP Still up for sale Great Toon


What’s the time frame on this toon sale will offer 3.8

4b offer

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