WTS Guardian pilot with awesome name

(Alpha Explorer) #1

Extremely focused guardian pilot, no wasted SP. Also has the best name you could want for an incursion pilot. 12 days from logi V https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Incursion_Pilot pw 1234

Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
No jump clones.
Located in Kisogo VII - State War Academy.
8b b/o

(Incursion Pilot) #2

for sale

(Belui JIPU3PAK) #3

5b offer

(Alpha Explorer) #4

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(Alpha Explorer) #5

I will be transferring with plex and I can make a ticket a minute after I get the ISK.

(Beatrice Gutu) #6

6b offer

(Alpha Explorer) #7

6b accepted, please send isk to me so that I can start the transfer. I will be making a ticket shortly.

(Alpha Explorer) #8

And send me the account name you want the character to be transferred to in an evemail. Thanks.

(Beatrice Gutu) #9

sent login and isk

(Alpha Explorer) #10


(Alpha Explorer) #11

The pilot should be transferred. Please confirm in this thread.