WTS Gurista Focused Pilot


Can fly Worm, Gila, and Rattlesnake
Great drone skills

Looking for serious offers… B/O is at 10B isk

8b ready

I will settle for 10B isk

9b ready

how about 10b b/o

10B accepted, please send isk and details and when I get home I will transfer character

alright i’ll use another account to contact you in the game

Im currently away from my pc and won’t be home until I finish work in around 8 hrs. Please transfer isk and details and I’ll transfer when I log on.

ISK transfered from account MYou CN. You can check it later.

should i upgrade to omega clone or do sth in the game to confirm the transfer?

Only omega accounts can be transferred. So omega clone your account. That way when I get home I can transfer immediately. #nodelays

account has been transferred, enjoy the pilot!

didn’t receive the toon, what’s up?

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