WTS Heads

26120_64 WTS heads

Start price : 5B
Last price : 5B


Heads list :
RARE : 1x True Slave Decryption Node
RARE : 1x Homemade Sansha Beacon
RARE : 1x Jerpam Hollek’s Head*
92x Blood Raider Squad Leader’s Head
19x Foreman’s Head
11x Jakon’s Head
6x Pansya’s Head
5x Okham’s Head
3x Luther Veron’s Head
1x Sadry Damoklet’s Head
1x Machul’s Head

How much for only the Sansha beacon one?


If only True Slave Decryption Node : price = 2B

I’ll offer 1.2b for the True Slave Decryption Node

5b is a lot less than I normally pay for this much head, so I will take the lot.

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Do you have any other rare items about sansha?
If there is something I need, I will pay a very high price~

I already realized that I had indicated too low a price. :smiley:
But I’ll stick to the first word: 5B.

IF! If no one raises the price within 1 day. (:

I have only 1x Homemade Sansha Beacon

I’ll up the bid to 5.1b