WTS HELL sitter,

(imnotanalt Tadaruwa) #1

Positive wallet,no kill rights,home station in amarr char aslo located in hisec amarr, osiris station.

char also got almost 500 000sp available to inject
Waiting for offers

(imnotanalt Tadaruwa) #2


(Tiddle Jr) #3

Sitting in hell should be :fire: as :smiling_imp:

(Skadi Endashi) #4

7 bil

(Jennifer McLean) #5

7.5 bil

(Skadi Endashi) #6

8 bil

(Skadi Endashi) #7

retracted. found a seller.

(Farva Arareb) #8

7.6 bill

(imnotanalt Tadaruwa) #9

make it 8 and send me the account name soi can initiate the transfer

(Earnest Emu) #10

Eveboard is down. How many skill points does the toon have and can you say what some are for, ie carrier lvl and jump skill.

(imnotanalt Tadaruwa) #11

basicly hes ,as in description, able to board a hel supercarrier,8423432 sp trained with 487658 unnalocated sp available.

(Brock Khans) #12

You can show skills using eveskillboard.com

(Storm Cotty) #13

8 bill

(imnotanalt Tadaruwa) #14

whenever u ready send me a message and the isk and ill initiate transfer

(Storm Cotty) #15

I sent ingame mail message

(imnotanalt Tadaruwa) #16

isk received and character transfer initiated.

can some1 close this thread senkiu v much

(system) #17

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