WTS HELL sitter,

Positive wallet,no kill rights,home station in amarr char aslo located in hisec amarr, osiris station.

char also got almost 500 000sp available to inject
Waiting for offers


Sitting in hell should be :fire: as :smiling_imp:

7 bil

7.5 bil

8 bil

retracted. found a seller.

7.6 bill

make it 8 and send me the account name soi can initiate the transfer

Eveboard is down. How many skill points does the toon have and can you say what some are for, ie carrier lvl and jump skill.

basicly hes ,as in description, able to board a hel supercarrier,8423432 sp trained with 487658 unnalocated sp available.

You can show skills using eveskillboard.com

8 bill

whenever u ready send me a message and the isk and ill initiate transfer

I sent ingame mail message

isk received and character transfer initiated.

can some1 close this thread senkiu v much

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