WTS Focused Ishtar/Demois Alt

Selling Myself

Sec Status -0.5
Positive Bank Balance
No Kill Rights
Located in High Sec
All rules applied
NPC Corp
2 Jump Clone

I will pay the transfer fee.

Starting Bin: 17B
Buyout: 25B


I know its below starting but ill offer 10bil

12b offer

Way to low. The 17b start is firm.



13 b offer


Random piece of advice since I decided not to offer on the char:

Train 2 more months to get Marauder V, Amarr BS V, T2 large pulse.

Lots of people want paladin alts. Nobody wants deimos alts. You aren’t far off of a basically maxed paladin atm with your maxed gunnery supports, etc.

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Thanks for the advice. But it is still worth an easy 18b with its gun skill alone. I can wait for the right buyer. Plus it has the best name in all of eve.

X to doubt on that last part chief.

Offer withdrawn

18B if you are still selling

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