WTS Hex Crognard 77m sp toon pve/mining

Wts my Toon Hex Crognard

77M sp
approx 3 billion total worth
location Diodoxie

Please add a link to https://char.tools4eve.com/


How much are you looking to get for it?

I am new to selling characters looking for a good honest offer, and relying on someone being honest as I have no idea what its worth.

I can offer you 40b for it right now if you’d like?

I just noticed a 63m sp Character sold for 59b here, surely I am worth a bit more then that?

Has no capital skills or marauders, so it’s likely to just be sucked clean of the SP

I think 60bn then I sale

Few things,
You need to drop your current corp, and join an NPC corp.
And include the following information in your original post:
Total Skill Points
Wallet status IE Positive or Negative
Any outstanding kill rights (the character has available or against the character)
Any implants and/or jump clones. And If so, their location.
Example; WTS 143 Million XP Incursions/PVP/PVE pilot - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums

You may also want to include additional info like, Security Status, expensive skins (3B+) if any.

As of right now, First glance I will offer 60B once that information has been updated.

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You can get more via skill extracting and selling the injectors.

You should aim for 70b or more.


thank you ill look to add that info tomorrow, bed time for me now

70B? I got it right around 60B.
430M for extractors, 842M for injectors (895M Price less taxes and fees). Makes a net of 412M per 500K sp. Makes it around 58B.

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