Wts imp

Previous post was closed due to system issues
We will continue our last auction
The current price is 185b
I am waiting for a new price
(PS:three identical prices,nobody bidding also no one exit)

Please reply directly to the post
This will be more just

How do we know you are not making that up?

My purpose is to sell it
If I make a fictitious price
Then no one will buy it
So these prices are real

I let them reply directly to my post
The purpose is also to make the competition more transparent

151b b/o

One person continues to bid
now is 190b

195 billions

600 billion

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really breaking my balls here… 605.

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750b isk ready

why bother with billions? I offer 3,5 gorrillions.

You should try offering a good post I’m sure there is many forum users who would appreciate it

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Well now that everyone has posted their offers on here, rather than keeping them secret in a mail, I have realised I cannot compete…

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So many shtposters in one post. Shtposter anonymous meeting?

Thanks for attending as the chairman cody.

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OMG What happened
This should just be a joke

190 that price is OK?

I am very sorry
The current price is also unexpected to me

195 b/o