Wts imp

(dsdsad wew) #1

From 180b

(Professor William Dyer) #2

130 b/o

(dsdsad wew) #3

The current highest is 190b

(Professor William Dyer) #4

Fair enough. Withdrawn

(dsdsad wew) #5

Current maximum bid is 190b

(dsdsad wew) #6

If there is no new price
The transaction will be completed after 24 hours

(Luv2Club69) #7

I donit get it, there are threads open currently selling for 145b as a b/o. \o/

GL with your ‘highest bidder’.

(Zahara Cody) #8


(dsdsad wew) #9

yeah where?
Released a year ago?

(dsdsad wew) #10

Highest price cancellation (190)
Current highest 150b

(Professor William Dyer) #11

151 bid

(dsdsad wew) #12

Current highest 151b
If no new price
Will be traded in 24 hours

(dsdsad wew) #13

152b from mill

(Professor William Dyer) #14

I do not recognise that bid as it isn’t on here. If they post it on here then I will consider bidding higher, otherwise, I am staying at 151b.

so my highest is still 151b

(Aurora Borealess) #15


(dsdsad wew) #16

Maybe I should specify that at least 5B increase once

(dsdsad wew) #17

If there is no new price within 16 hours
Will complete the transaction

(dsdsad wew) #18

152b this price was cancelled
Current highest 162b

(dsdsad wew) #19

I suddenly discovered a strange thing
i say from 180b
why current highest is 162b now?

(Professor William Dyer) #20

Well whether 162 or 180 looks like you have highest sell price to date for Imp. Well done. I am out.