Wts imp

Your price is the same as the friend above
If he confirms the bid
You must be above him bro


im not going higher that 200b. so contract to me if thats ok.

202 bbbbb

omg :joy::joy:

My pleasure.

This thread is as much of a joke as the moderation is


215b isk

If nobody bids
24 hours will give you a contract

$217 buy out

400 billions

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il give you 32 bubolions for the imp pls contract it to me and then il send you the isk, thank you

Insert random number for attention

Not sure why this topic is still open? The seller bumps this topic with random posts every few hours/minutes and gets now trolled by everyone.

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Budget cuts. Someone has to pay for the new castle.

All cody alts

Calm down, alt.

Please remember that you may only bump a post once every 24 hours. Also, please limit replies to questions and bids. I am locking this thread for 24 hours.

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