WTS Indu Toon ~37M SP Cap Production

Positive Wallet, in Jita, Remap available and no kill rights.

Starting Bid 37b
Buyout 43b

Sale will run until 06/09/2019

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to withdraw the character from auction at any point.

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37 bil


43 bil b/o

Greetings. Buyout accepted. Thank you.
Please send me the account name you’d like me to transfer the character to, as well as the payment. I’ll start the transfer as soon as possible afterwards.

Great. I’m in the office today and will send when I get home this evening. Thanks!

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43 billion isk transferred. Account details sent. Thanks!

Transfer initiated. Will reply here again as soon as the transfer has been confirmed as completed by CCP.

Character received. Thanks!

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