WTS Indu Toon ~41M SP Cap Production


~41 Million skill points + 519,203 skill points unallocated.
Positive Wallet, in Jita, Remap available and no kill rights.

+5 Learning Implants for MEM/INT/CHA, 5% manufacturing time research, 5% material efficiency research and 5% blueprint copying speed.

Starting Bid 37b
Buyout 46b

Auction will run for seven days after first bid. (Specific time will be announced by me as soon as bid is declared valid)

Edit: auction ends on 08/07/2019 at 20:00 GMT.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to withdraw the character from auction at any point.

30 bil

Please respect minimum bid. Thank you.

I cant meet you at 37 but i can offer you 35. Keep this offer in your back pocket if ever you want to lower your start bid

Maybe I can bid 37b.

38 bill for yo boy

Current highest bid: 38bil by @Adjucator1011979



I am interested, can offer 39b

39.5 because I believe in the ways of the force

16 day old account, purchasing 140 bil worth of characters already… :thinking:

Have agreed to a buyout of 43b. Awaiting on Mad Constructor to confirm.

Buyout offer of 43b confirmed and agreed upon.
Please transfer the ISK and let me know via ingame mail on which account you wish this toon to be transfered.

ISK received, character transfer initiated.
@Pererro_Metallicus: please confirm in this thread once the transfer has been completed. Thank you!

Transfer is complete. Confirmed.

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