WTS Indu Toon ~41M SP Cap Production


41 Million skill points + 519,203 skill points unallocated.
Positive Wallet, in Jita, Remap available and no kill rights.

+5 Learning Implants for MEM/INT/CHA, 5% manufacturing time research, 5% material efficiency research and 5% blueprint copying speed.

Starting Bid 40b
Buyout 50b

Sale will run until 06/30/2019 20:00 GMT

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to withdraw the character from auction at any point.

Edit: updated auction end date to 06/30

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Have assets?:heart_eyes:


@NOWA_DNA: character has no assets.

@Faydhe: please respect minimum bid. Thank you.





@Red_Lola: please respect minimum bid. Thank you.






30 bil

@James_Bond-007: Please respect minimum bid. Thank you.

40bil b/o

@Mageron_Boom: as 40b is the minimum bid, please state if you acknowledge this and wait till the end of the auction on Sunday to see if your bid makes it to the end or if you wish to cancel your bid. Thank you.

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