WTS indy toon: 66.7 ml sp

Char name: 3EB3
Born: 2009
Skillpoints: 67 ml
Sec status: 1.73
Wallet: 21 ml
Corp: npc
Killrights: no
Jump clones: 1
Location: high sec


Starting price: 50 bil

daily bump

50 bil

Are you online?

Yes I am

If you still ready to pay 50 bil, I sell the character to you

Could you convo me on your main

She is my main, should I convo you with her?

Can you convo me with another character that is not 3EB3?

If not then I retract my bid

sure I can

Isk and account info sent

Ticket number is 871380

Great thank you

Scam petition filed